Friends of the Salmon River

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Friends of the Salmon River AGM

This is the official website of the Friends of the Salmon River.

For more than nine years the Friends of the Salmon River have worked at safeguarding the Salmon River Watershed and providing information for all stakeholders about conservation and healthy river practices.

We are a grassroots organization – a group of volunteers who live near the Salmon River or who visit and enjoy the river and its watershed.

Organized since 2004, the annually elected Board (8-10 members) meets regularly to identify environmental issues related to the river and its watershed. In doing so we initiate projects and programs – often with other partner groups and organizations – in an effort to protect and promote the natural beauty and pristine characteristics of the watershed.

Healthy Salmon River shoreline

Healthy Salmon River Shoreline
Photo: Gray Merriam

The Friends are always learning more about the Salmon River and we use that knowledge to care for the river and forge new connections that nurture the watershed and its communities.

The Friends of the Salmon co-operate with the Stewardship Councils of Frontenac, Lennox & Addington and Hastings, as well as Quinte Conservation and other like-minded groups interested in the Salmon and its watershed

May we always be able to run to the river’s edge and exclaim “We love our river!” Watch your step in spring high water; we may not be there to fish you out….



Header photos: courtesy of Gray Merriam