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​Lyme Disease: get ticked off

[Article] Pink Cats And Salmon: Campfire Fish Tales, Scotch And Real History

Board Meets at Beaver Lake

Please seethe link below to an excellent  presentation on ticks and the transmission of Lyme disease, given by the esteemed Dr. Andrew Peregrine

There are some who doubt the reality of the “Salmon” in the Salmon River. Based on campfire tales primed with scotch, some folks hint at pink-fleshed catfish as the source of salmon tales.

Yes indeed there were Atlantic salmon in the Salmon River (along with pink-fleshed catfish). No they did not migrate along the St. Lawrence annually. They were a large, landlocked population of Atlantic salmon trapped in the Lake Ontario basin when it was transformed from a sea basin to a freshwater lake. They migrated up rivers draining into the Lake: the Credit, the Humber, Etobikoke Creek, even the Don, Duffin’s Creek and yes, the Salmon rivers, both ours in Ontario and the other one in New York state.


2013/2014 Board of Directors enjoying their meeting on Beaver Lake...


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